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Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

Haïti, les Caraïbes, l'Amérique Latine et le reste du monde. Histoire, politique, agriculture, arts et lettres.

Archives : Bellerive et ses partenaires : Préval, Bautista, Clinton, Martelly, Privert et ... Sean Penn.

Publié par siel sur 17 Janvier 2017, 14:41pm

Catégories : #AYITI ROSE RAKET

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Norma Bruni 19/01/2017 04:40

Good project. It is great to build some affordable housing for the homeless people victims of the Earthquake and Matthew hurricane in every department. HAITI needs some three story buildings for the homeless people to rent their affordable apartment. Decentralize Port au Prince.

siel 19/01/2017 10:49

Yeah, yeah, good project specially for the ones who got the funds from the BID, FMI and BM....

Joe Unelus 19/01/2017 03:42

Congratulations, Haiti is going forward with partnership for the reconstruction of Haiti. The people working in the USA, Canada, etc., will have a chance to purchase a new home to retire in Haiti. Haiti needs nursing homes, assisted living residences, hotels, stadiums, etc. Welcome to Haiti to rebuild Haiti in all departments. Good Job.

siel 19/01/2017 10:54

Yeah, yeah, congratulatins to whom ? To the one's who take the money and run... As they did after the eartquake... Why do't you congratulate the American Red Cross fof it's participation to "Haiti is going forward". Please stop this nonsense. You can fool people, once, twice, but not always. ...


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