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Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

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Suite Riz plastifié . 102 sacs de "riz plastifié" saisis au Nigéria le 21 décembre - Par BBC News Lagos

Publié par BBC News Lagos sur 27 Décembre 2016, 14:02pm


Selon le journaliste, l'apparence du riz semble normal, sauf qu'il dégagerait une légère odeur chimique

Selon le journaliste, l'apparence du riz semble normal, sauf qu'il dégagerait une légère odeur chimique

Almost fooled by fake rice in Nigeria

Martin Patience
BBC News, Lagos
Posted at
21 Dec
 I went to see some of the 2.5 tonnes of fake rice confiscated by Nigeria's customs officials.

Whoever made it did an exceptionally good job - on first impression it would have fooled me.

When I ran the grains through my fingers nothing felt out of the ordinary.

But when I smelt a handful of the "rice" there was a faint chemical odour. Customs officials say when they cooked up the rice it was too sticky - and it was then abundantly clear this was no ordinary batch.

They've sent a sample to the laboratories to determine exactly what the "rice" is made of.

They are also warning the public not to consume the mystery foodstuff as it could be dangerous.

Fake food scandals are thankfully rare in Nigeria when you compare it to countries such as China.

The big scandal here is fake pharmaceutical drugs that kill a huge number of people every year.

 See earlier post for more details

Nigeria seizes 'plastic rice'
Posted at
21 Dec
Nigeria has confiscated 102 bags of "plastic rice" smuggled into the country by unscrupulous businessmen who wanted to  sell it during the festive season, a senior customs official in the main city, Lagos, has said.

Preliminary analysis of the "plastic rice, after boiling it, shows how sticky the rice was and only God knows what would have happened if our people consumed it", Haruna Mamudu added in a statement.

He called on "economic saboteurs who see yuletide season as a peak period for their nefarious acts to desist from such illegal" business activity.

Mr Mamudu did not explain how the plastic rice was made but said it had been branded as "Best Tomato Rice".

Investigations were under way to establish how much of "this rice has been circulated and how best to retrieve it in order to protect and safeguard the health of Nigerians and to bring those behind it to book".

In China, there was a food scandal last year after it emerged that rice was made of plastic pellets.

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